2 Day Smart Repair Course

Smart Repair Courses For Details, Furniture Companies & Cleaning Companies

The 2 day smart course is for vehicle detailers looking to offer specialist detailer cleaning and repairs to leather interiors.

We go through the different types of leather sin vehicles today and what isn’t leather and what some car manufacturers call leather that is in fact fake and how to handle this.

Car manufacturers today are using all sorts of names for leather when it isn’t leather at all, simply put its vinyl, you only have to look at the classic minis they used a product called Vynide, again this is vinyl, it carefully used part of the names vinyl and hide to make it sound like leather trim.

We look into Artico that Mercedes call man made leather and SensaTec what BMW call it, all of these items are just vinyl.
Even names like naugahyde have been used for the automotive industry, basically its was a knit fabric backing material covered with polyvinyl chloride (PVC).
We look at the different methods for restoration, cleaning and care of these materials, we also look at what some believe to be suede when it is in fact Alcantara.

The course goes through colouring mixing, carrying our colour repairs, scuffs, cigarette burns, tears and wear holes.
Along with dye transfer removal, how to handle this and resolve the problems without causing issues to the man made materials or genuine leather and what to do in the event of non removal and how to restore this back to its former glory.

The course also looks at full seat colouring along with steering wheels, gear sticks and door cards.
This course is designed to help develop your knowledge of leather and vinyls to provide your clients with the complete package, on top of your detailing and valeting services.
This course comes complete with a full detailers kit, so you can provide your clients with the full leather care, repair and restoration services, including cleaning and protection, along fabric care, plastics care and cleaning.

We go through colour mixing and the correct way to use all products including fillers, grain repairs and speciality quick dry fillers to perform the best repairs today.

This two day smart repair detailers course is just £650 plus VAT – Includes £75 IMI Registration. This course comes compete with a full smart repair kit


1 Day Smart Repair Course


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